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Local Business Care Package

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We think it is madness for local Huntingdon businesses to use a national property maintenance broker to act as a middle-man to source a local trade.

It often puts unnecessary steps in the way . Using us directly means

  • Quicker response
  • Lower Cost
  • Work Guarantee and after sales service
  • Exclusive to Huntingdon businesses with a Huntingdon postcode we offer a No Callout Fee, and first class service. Our price under this package is just 20 per half hour with no "minimum fee" (which is where some plumbing and property maintenance make up for no callout fees)


    Because local reputation is important!

    It can be really irritating to take time out of your business to deal with a plumbing leak or property maintenance.

    It can be a real drag contacting national maintenance firms via your head office or regional manager only to wait ages for people to call back and eventually come out to you.

    This is why we have launched our Local Business Care Package specifically for local businesses in Huntingdon.

    If you use a national property maintenance firm the process typically involves phoning a call centre of some kind, trying to explain that nature of your problem to someone who doesn't understand your needs very well. This is where the first set of problems can be caused through lack of understanding of the particular plumbing or plastering need.

    The second set of problems sometime arise where compromises on quality are made by way of materials or plumbing or plastering methods without the end cusotmer being given the choice.

    Then of course there are response times.

    In the time taken to phone the national helpline, speak with an advisors, for them to put it all onto their computer, consult their national database of tradespeople in your area (some of which they will have had no prior knowledge or dealing) try to explain what the plumbing or property maintenance issue is, set a budget and negotiate/haggle on price with the tradesperson, fax or email job sheets through and other paperwork that the customer must sign, arrange appointments (often involving lots of messages being left by having 3-way conversations)

    ... a local trade company would have answered their phone, arranged a time and budget, been out and completed the work, and provided after care service!

    And all this at a cheaper price too as there are no unnecessary "management fees"

    Local reputation is important to us.

    You can count on us to a) Be on time b) Not bombard you with unnecessary paperwork c) Charge a reasonable rate without unnecessary management fees or call out charges.

    Talking of Callout charges, you may be aware that some firms advertise "No Callout Fees" but this can sometimes be compensated for by charging a fairly high minimum fee for the first hour of between £40-£80

    Our local business care package is only for businesses specifically with a trading address in Huntingdon postcodes where there is No Callout Fee or Minimum Fee. We charge our normal hourly rate of £40 per hour.

    Quotes are provided completely free of charge so it costs you nothing for us to come out and look at your requirements and make suggestions and recommendations with a quote.

    Doesn't that make business life a little bit easier?



    For a free quotation call us on
    01480 435609

    or you can email